What drives us?

  • In Sub Sahara Africa , the majority of the population have an average life expectancy of 52, 30 years less than Western Europe.
  • Health Services are poor; there is a chronic shortage of qualified health workers and systems are outdated.
  • Vital people migrate to urban areas to search for a better life. Children and elderly people are left behind.
  • Electricity distribution and internet connections are failing.

We believe
that there is
an opportunity in each of these limitations.

Economic growth is a process, not a 4G antenna. You can’t “leapfrog” development. It has to come with vision, leadership, combating lobbies and often hard sacrifices in order to preserve the greater good.

Abdelmalek Alaoui, Forbes, 2017


A renewable energy solution

  • Access to electricity in rural area’s improves quality of life.
  • Numerous outages of the electricity grid lead to expensive solutions
  • Electricity generation by means of diesel generators leads to polution and complicated logistics.
  • Our solution

    We offer reliable, clean solutions for a competitive kWh price and offer both off-grid and on the grid solutions. These can be large scale solar systems or rooftop solutions on roofs of an industrial size.

  • Our services

    We develop, build, finance, maintain and operate our systems. You do not need to invest. Our purpose is that you pay less than your current kWh price on the basis of a long term contract. This provides long term security in an unpredictable environment.

  • A typical case

    After a successful implementation of our hospital management system in the Matany hospital (incl. a 1 MW rooftop solar system) we are currently developing the Akolong Jik project, a 20 to 30 MW utility-scale solar energy near Mount Moroto. In rural Uganda, only 7% of people have access to electricity. We aim to commission this project mid-2019.

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Time to ignite an African solar power revolution


Health Care Solutions

  • Today the African continent lacks professional health services.
  • Within the next 80 years the African continent will grow from 1 to 4 billion people
  • 50% of the African population lives in off-grid areas (no connectivity)
  • It is our goal to support hospitals and health centers with Hospital Management Information Systems (HMIS)
  • Our Solutions

    Oranga, A Solution with an African Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) at the core, designed to function in areas with minimal connectivity and power. The objective: a robust energy infrastructure, even when the grid is non-functioning, to support the well-being of patients, to gauge the patient health and the quality of care. The HIMS-system supports health-workers creating and using electronic medical records. Health-workers are supported in their clinical decision process and supported with all the services provided in a hospital (registration, lab, pharmacy, various wards and various types of medical programs).  Oranga is flexible, easy to implement, modular, scalable and less complex than other systems. Oranga is designed to support any web browser and compatible with any client base system, for example, an Android system. Oranga means health and wellbeing in Maori.

  • Our services

    The Oranga-solution of SC Synergie on a project is implemented in 5 steps, using our ample experience in a remote and off-grid context.

    1  Assessment of the technical hospital infrastructure & development Solution

    2  Implementation of Hardware Solution incl. a HIMS when required

    3  Training staff & Follow up    

    4  Program management: communication with all stakeholders & supply teams involved      

    5  Rooftop O&M: SC Synergie supports continuity of the supply of energy and also of replacement of crashed equipment. This solution can be offered to the hospital for a price per kWh (comparable with the current energy price).

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  • Proof of Concept

    St Kizito Hospital in Matany Uganda A regularly off grid integrated solution in a 250-bed hospital. 22 health centers in the vicinity of the hospital are connected to the system. The proof of concept is collaboration between the Catholic Church and SC Synergie. For more information on the hospital visit: www.matanyhospital.org

  • Objectives

    In 2018 SC Synergie has continued to deploy the 1st Oranga HC-Solution in the Moroto health district in Uganda. In 2019 we will continue to roll out our solutions in Uganda. 

    In Q4 2018 Stichting Oranga has been set up to further support the funding of the activities to strengthen health systems. 

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"In remote parts of Africa, the average life expectancy is less than 50 years. In 93 % of these areas electricity is absent and health services are POOR. IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE IF WE MAKE A CHANGE."