Br. Günther Nährich

Bruder Gunther Nährich is managing the St Kizito Hospital in Matany for many years. He saw the need to build a health system that could support health workers with their clinical work in a remote area. He had a plan and orchestrated a team that built a network and a health system that led to the current hospital management and information system.  Einhard designed and deployed the system. Einhard is now a partner in SC Synergie and we support other health districts with installing a health system. Bruder Gunther Nährich is a dear member of our advisory board.

Dr. John Bosco Nsubuga

Dr John Bosco Nsubuga is a member of our advisory board. Within the UCMB he takes a stand for strengthening health systems in other health districts. He is the Medical Superintendent, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist of the Matany Hospital. He drives us to improve, add modules and scale up the Oranga Health System.

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