Br. Günther Nährich

Bruder Gunther Nährich is managing the St Kizito Hospital in Matany for many years. He saw the need to build a health system that could support health workers with their clinical work in a remote area. He had a plan and orchestrated a team that built a network and a health system that led to the current hospital management and information system.  Einhard designed and deployed the system. Einhard is now a partner in SC Synergie and we support other health districts with installing a health system. Bruder Gunther Nährich is a dear member of our advisory board.

Dr. John Bosco Nsubuga

Dr John Bosco Nsubuga is a member of our advisory board. Within the UCMB he takes a stand for strengthening health systems in other health districts. He is the Medical Superintendent, Obstetrician & Gynaecologist of the Matany Hospital. He drives us to improve, add modules and scale up the Oranga Health System.

Ruud Nijs

I am passionate about working in developing countries.

My expertise is my drive and my experience is in the field of Inclusive Finance.
After working for many years in the banking industry, with a nice side-step in the Artificial Intelligence industry, I have started my own advisory and Corporate Finance company in 2012.

In 2017 I met Einhard at the Entebbe Airport, after working with some Uganda companies on their supply chain. I was amazed by the knowledge and experience of Einhard.

For many years I am the proud chairman of BID Network, that aims to improve the business in developing countries

But….my most important passion is to enjoy the life with my wife and children!

Ruud W.M. Nijs
Founding partner

Einhard Engelbrecht

I had the opportunity to be part of the development team of Celtel that brought mobile telecom and Internet to Africa. Within 20 years it connected many African people. I settled in Uganda and saw the beauty and potential of this country. I got a passion to move this country forward. I was asked to help the Matany Hospital to set up a hospital management system. It succeeded. Woman can deliver babies more safe and health issues can be notice earlier by health professionals. I was asked to set up the electronic birth registration system to register newborn babies. It succeeded. I have set up solar systems and they bring bright possibilities. I believe and practice that technology can change peoples lives. I am married and have a son.

Marcel Vermolen

I have a civil and tax law back ground and rose through the ranks until 2006. Since 2006 I concentrate on the development and financing of renewable energy projects and invest in new project developments. These activities increased my awareness of the importance of electricity generation and the economic and social importance of access to electricity. It broadened my scope and motivates me to contribute to the activities of SC Synergie were I am currently involved in the development of the Akolong Jik project.

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Marcel Vermolen
Founding partner

Pieter Nijman

My drive and passion is to develop sustainable solutions which add to positive social change.
I am a seasoned entrepreneur with a wide range of international experiences in business development, supply chain business management and consulting roles.
Keywords: Teamwork, Bussiness Development, Supply Chain Improvement, Sustainability, Social development and Fair Trade
And….my most important passion is to enjoy the life together with my wife, sons, family and friends!
For a full profile please visit my linkedin page.

Pieter Nijman
Founding partner

Roelant Zwaanswijk

For many years I have been working for Doctors without Borders in conflict areas. I am proud that I was part of teams that take a stand for very vulnerable people and deliver healthcare.

I am pleased that I met Ruud and that he saw a chance, he made a plan and connected me to Einhard. Einhard did something very unusual, he succeeded to deploy a Hospital Management Information System in a very remote context. I was flabbergasted when Einhard explained to me how he connected 14 health centres with long distance Wi-Fi and how he implemented smart systems that improved the outcome of healthcare delivery. Since that moment we have been working very hard to make a change in remotes parts of Africa.

For more details about our team, check our members, for more information about my work, please check my Linkedin page.

Roelant Zwaanswijk
Founding partner

Phone:  +31 621110129

Skype:  Roelant Zwaanswijk

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