Improve Health for 80.000 people

  • Posted June 25, 2018

Expand the successful health system that functions in the St. Kizito Matany Hospital in the western part of Karamoja to an additional 7 health centers in other Karamoja districts. Depending on the amount raised we will implement the system clinic by clinic.

The challenge
80.000 people, living in a remote and off-grid area in the south-east corners of the Karamoja District, Uganda, do not have access to adequate and safe healthcare.

The project
This  SC Synergie initiative improves health care by the provision of solar electricity and a hospital management system (Oranga) to 7 health centers.

Patients waiting in the Amaler Health center type III

Patients waiting in the Amaler Health center type III

At the moment these health centers lack an electricity infrastructure and operate with minimal supporting equipment. It is almost impossible to improve the provided health care without proper off-grid electricity generation (solar) and a computerized system.  Patients and medicine use can be registered, patient files opened and maintained. Electrical equipment, such as basic laboratory and sterilize equipment can be used without the electricity produced by expensive and polluting diesel generators.

All the health centers are functioning on a not-for-profit base and focus on biggest threats such as malaria. Patients can be counseled and tested on their TB and HIV status.
If hospital patients have started a treatment on ARV’s (antiretroviral drugs), this aids treatment can later be followed up in these health centers to improve the retention.
The biggest need is to improve the care for children and (pregnant) women.

HIV/TB training in Karamoja

HIV/TB training in Karamoja

Other than healthcare improvement for the patients, the clinic data will be aggregated monthly and reported to Ministry of Health (financing) and the management of the health centers can monitor the outcome of patient treatment, medicine use and improve the control of the centers.

Use of Donations
The first 80.000 Euro in donations will be used to install:

  1. A solar PV power system on the roofs of the 7 health centers, including batteries and inverters;
  2. A technical infrastructure like a PC and the hospital management & information system (software);
  3. Via VSAT or Mobile data connection, each health center will be linked with the referral hospitals St Kizito Matany or the Moroto State Hospital;
  4.  After installation, health workers will be trained in using the system and monthly follow up training will be given;
  5.  The technical installation will be monitored and serviced.

The costs of these 5 items, Hardware and Implementation, are estimated at Euro 11.500 per hospital.

Typical healthcentre in Karamoja-region (incl. solar panels)

Typical healthcentre in Karamoja-region (incl. solar panels)

The outcomes
Access to adequate and safe healthcare for an additional 80.000 people in the Karamoja region.

After the successful fundraising, all 7 health centers will be equipped with the solar cells and the Oranga-system solution in the second half of 2018.
These health centers are the next step in SC Synergie’s support to strengthen the health system in the outer regions of Uganda. Foreseen is a further roll-out of the Oranga solution in 2019 to 5 off-grid hospitals.