Roelant Zwaanswijk

For many years I have been working for Doctors without Borders in conflict areas. I am proud that I was part of teams that take a stand for very vulnerable people and deliver healthcare.

I am pleased that I met Ruud and that he saw a chance, he made a plan and connected me to Einhard. Einhard did something very unusual, he succeeded to deploy a Hospital Management Information System in a very remote context. I was flabbergasted when Einhard explained to me how he connected 14 health centres with long distance Wi-Fi and how he implemented smart systems that improved the outcome of healthcare delivery. Since that moment we have been working very hard to make a change in remotes parts of Africa.

For more details about our team, check our members, for more information about my work, please check my Linkedin page.

Roelant Zwaanswijk
Founding partner

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